Ballerina dot painting | pink purple white silver dot painting

MandaLove by Nelly

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If this beautiful painting inspired you please contact me and together we will design a similar dot painting, keeping in mind your feelings, ideas and requirements. Your new art piece will be one you'd be very proud of, especially because you'll take part in the designing phase as well! 

This piece is already in the private collection of a 7 year old lovely girl. 

I have made this admirable dot mandala for a little girl who loves and I mean LOVES ballet. 

Before starting the mandala I have asked one question: 

'If you had a picture on your wall in your room what image would be on it?' 

She said a ballet dancer. And that her favourite ballet pose was the arabesque. 

As I knew her favourite colours were pink and purple (and all the colours in the world) there was no question what colours I'd use. It was a delight to work on this picture. A lot of happy memories came up and it made my days very joyful. 



This piece was made on stretched canvas using quality acrylic paint.

The size of the canvas was 40X40 cm (15.7X15.7 inches)

The canvas have been sealed professionally with quality gloss varnish.

This is an original product, it is not a print.

Though all efforts have been made to give back the original colours of the dot paintings they may slightly vary due to monitor settings.


About my artwork:

Every single dot mandala and dot painting I have made is an original piece. They are made entirely with hundreds and thousands of dots. Each piece comes from the heart. It takes a lot of patience and long hours to make each of them. If you would like to have a similar dot Mandala or dot painting please contact me for details as I do commission work as well. You could also read my blog on commission work here.

All original dot Mandalas and dot paintings come signed and with a Certificate of Authenticity. I’d be very honoured and happy if you choose one of my dot Mandalas for your home or as a gift for a loved one.