Dot Mandalas: Questions about commission work

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First of all thank you for visiting my website and my blog. My name is Nelly Kozma. I live in London U.K. and I make unique dot Mandalas. If you would like to know more about me please click here to read ‘My journey’.


In this article I would like to write about commission work.

Commission work is where the willing of a “client” and the “maker” meet to give origin to something creative and special. I think it’s important for everyone to know what they expect from each other. I want to make sure I get all the necessary information to be able to make a beautiful piece and you’d like to make sure you’ll like my Mandala painting when you receive it. So I thought I’d write about the process of communicating regarding commission paintings. 

First of all if you’re interested in my dot mandalas please send me an email. You can write me anything really. You can drop me a line with your phone number saying you’d like to know more about commission pieces or have a couple of questions about my Mandalas. You can message me if you are simply curious to know more about certain aspect of the Mandala making process. I would be happy to email you back or call you when it’s convenient for you for a short chat. 


Once you decided you’d like me to make you a dot Mandala please let me know:

  • The size of the picture you’d like.
  • If you’ve seen a Mandala on my website that inspires you please let me know. This would be a good starting point for your own unique piece. It will not be the same as each Mandala is individually made.
  • If you’d like a Mandala for one of your rooms with specific colours please let me know the main colours of the room or the colours you’d like me to use including the base colour. Colours and how they resonate are indeed a big part of the job.You can send me pictures of some of your furniture or wallpaper as well. Please make sure the colour of the image is as close to the original piece as possible.
  • If you have a colour pattern in mind, a theme or a specific emotion you would like your Mandala to incorporate please let me know. 
  • Please think of the background colour as well. Do you want it to be your main colour? Do you want it to stay in the background and pick other colours that pop out? (Please don't chose similar colours for dots and background because they might blend into each other)
  • If you have seen a colour combination in a magazine or online that you like please send me an image or a link. This would be a good starting point. It could be a bouquet of flowers or a colourful building.  Anything really.
  • If you’d like me to make a Mandala for one of your loved ones please find out (very cautiously of course) what their favourite colours are- the more the better. Ask or check what colours would go well with their home. (or where the Mandala will possibly be placed.)
  • If the Mandala will be a gift please PLEASE make sure the person who will receive it likes Mandalas, likes my style and will be happy to receive your present. It is very important as I will not be able to refund you if they don’t like it.
  • If the Mandala will be a gift it would be good to know if it's for a child, teenager or adult. Each age group prefers different colours. Some like shiny metallic colours, or glow in the dark pieces, some prefer more of an elegant combination of colours. This way we’ll make sure they’ll be happy.
  • If it’s for a child it’s a good question to ask (if you’d like me to include a silhouette as well): ‘If you had a painting on your wall what would be on it?’
  • Any other information you think I’d need to make your Mandala.


I’m using quality Deco Art Americana acrylic paint for all my pieces. If you wish you could check out the colours online and put a combination of colours together. I have many of their colours but I will be happy to order your chosen ones- if I don't have them- just to prepare your Mandala.

I promise I will do my best to make the most wonderful dot Mandala for you. If we are at the beginning/ middle of the process please do not hesitate to let me know your comments and your feelings and I will adjust the Mandala accordingly. This way both of us will make sure you’ll be happy with the end result.

We can discuss all details over the phone or if you live nearby (SW London, W London, or Central London) we can meet up for a short chat. If we talk on the phone I will send you a short email including all the details we discussed to make sure I understood everything correctly and I will provide timelines for delivery. Once you confirm and say yes to the project I’ll start making your mandala. Yipppiyeee!


Contacting you regarding your mandala:

It would be great if I could ask you at certain stages if you like the piece so far. (For example after painting the base colour, the first drawing/outline of the mandala or after the first couple of circle of dots). At the beginning almost any modification is possible. It’s very difficult to change or correct the shape of the mandala once I’ve done some of the dotting so please make sure you like my proposal before I start or continue my work.  


Art material:

I’m using quality Deco Art Americana acrylic paint for all of my mandalas. I have tried many different brands but this seems to be the only one where the consistency and quality of the paint is amazing for dotting and has vivid, lasting colours.

Besides their amazing colours Deco Art has a number of metallic colours in their ‘Dazzling Metallics’ collection, please check them out. (No, I don’t get any benefits from them for the recommendation, I just love using their acrylic paint)

At the end each dot Mandala is coated with a protective layer using quality Winsor and Newton varnish.

Cost of the mandala:

After our first communication I will calculate how much it will cost and I’ll let you know the price. For each commission piece above £30 I’ll ask some ‘advanced money’ before starting the piece. It will be 30% of the agreed price.

The shipping cost is included in the agreed price.


Delivery date:

The delivery date will depend on the size of mandala you’d like and my schedule. When we talk the first time I’ll be able to tell you how many days/ weeks it would take me to make it. I can assure you I will do my very best to paint your mandala as quickly as possible. 



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