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MandaLove by Nelly

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The 3D wavy pattern of this beautiful dot mandala tricks the eyes. It's all painted on a flat stretched canvas. I have only used 3 colours- red yellow and white plus the base colour which is green. Instead of enhancing the dot painting with a burst of colours I wanted the observer to concentrate on the simpleness of it. The dots are all different sizes. They increase or decrease in size so your eyes and mind are tricked into believing that you see a wavy pattern which I found fascinating. 
This dot painting would look wonderful in a modern home setting. It would draw the eye of any guest and it would be a great conversation starter. 

About my dot art:
Every single dot mandala and dot painting I have made is an original piece. They are made entirely with hundreds and thousands of dots. Each piece comes from the heart. It takes a lot of patience and long hours to make them. If you would like to have a similar dot Mandala or dot painting please contact me for details as I do commission work as well. You could also read my blog on commission work here.
All original dot Mandalas and dot paintings come signed and with a Certificate of Authenticity. I’d be very honoured and happy if you chose one of my Mandalas for your home or as a gift for a loved one.

Though all efforts have been made to give back the original colours of each dot painting they may slightly vary due to monitor settings.

Size: 25x25cm (9.85x9.85 inches)
The canvas have been sealed professionally with quality gloss varnish.
This is an original product, it is not a print.
This dot art comes unframed, ready to hang on your wall.