Valentines day Greeting Card with green red yellow dotted heart

MandaLove by Nelly

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Valentines day is the day when we tell people we love them. We love them every day but on this special day millions of people say it to each other. They say it with words, with presents or with a wonderful greeting card. 

This unique card has been dotted with great care and the colours have been chosen with meanings behind. I have picked three very special colours- red, green and yellow- and applied the meanings according to the chakra chart.

Green is the colour of the heart, love and connection. Red helps with stability, vitality and prosperity. The colour of yellow enhances confidence, clarity and humour. Combining these three strong colours in one heart will say a lot to the person who receives it, even without words. 


The original dot Mandala has been designed and painted by me and the image has been printed on high quality 350 gsm gloss laminated cards. 

The inside of the card is blank so you can write your choice of message. It's great for Birthdays, thank you notes or simply saying I love you. 

As I'm a great supporter of saving the environment I wrote a little poetry on the back of each card:

'Save the environment, keep the front image.

Keep it in your office or stick it on the fridge.

Remember the person who sent it to you,

Think of good times and that s/he loves you too.'


148x 148 mm

Inside: blank

Material: High quality 350 gsm gloss laminated card

A white envelope included