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Steampunk themed pendant pair with gold plated sterling silver pinch bails

MandaLove by Nelly

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Are you a steampunk fan? Have you got a best friend who also loves steampunk? It looks like you've just found the perfect present not only for her but for yourself as well! Two pendants, one deal! How great is that! These beautiful pendants have been designed and hand poured by me- Nelly Ferrari. Depending the colour of the clothes you wear the pendants have two different 'moods'. If you wear it with white or a light colour top the yellow resin poured into the dark red peeks through and gives it a completely unique look. If you wear it with dark colours the pendant becomes one colour- very dark red- which emphasizes the shapes and colours of the wheels. Because I did not want to achieve that 'industrial feel' a hundred percent I've added some very tiny white flowers. This will make the pendant a bit softer I think. 

There is only one available of this unique steampunk pendant set. I design and make all resin art myself. Before the resin sets completely it moves a bit after I pour it in the mold so I will not be able to replicate the exact same effect again.  


Pendant: Resin, steampunk themed wheels- various colours, tiny dried flowers

Bail: 9ct Yellow Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver pinch bail

Small pendant dimensions: 5.2cm x 2.1cm

Large pendant dimensions: 5.2cm x 3cm