Ocean themed cork and resin coaster.

MandaLove by Nelly

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This truly unique cork and resin coaster has real sand and shells added to it. I've made this coaster with several pouring of resin. I've started with a small mountain of sand mixed with resin in one side of it. Then I glued on the shells with some clear resin. After this I poured a combination of dark blue/light blue and green resin layer. When all this cured I've added a clear layer and mixed a bit of white in it. Then I poured more clear resin up to the top so it would have a 3D feel to it. I've used beautiful mica powders with a pearl shine to give it a unique look. 

This coaster would definitely be a unique addition to your coffee table. 


It's a cork coaster base filled with sand, shells and resin. 

Size: 10 cm diameter, 1.7mm depth