Hand painted purple white green Mandala style necklace

MandaLove by Nelly

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I loved making this beautiful purple pendant. It is a bit different from my other Mandalas. I've been experimenting with colours, shapes and 'swooshes'. (If you attended any of my workshops, you know what I'm talking about! :) )

Purple is the colour of the crown chakra. It brings a more positive outlook on life. Women who like this colour are thought to constantly develop themselves spiritually. Also, they seek peace and harmony. It is the colour of amethyst. Because it is a rarity in nature, purple is seen as a mysterious colour and it is associated with royality, wisdom and creativity. 

I applied light green- just like in nature, and made a flower pattern with the shapes. I used white to enhance the purple background and added pink to give another matching colour to purple. When it dried completely I covered it with two component Epoxy resin which gives the pendant a beautiful mirror-shine. 


Pendant: 30 mm diameter metal base

The base is painted and dotted with quality acrylic paint.

Pendant is domed with Epoxy resin.

Cord necklace: 45 cm waxed cord and an extra 5 cm chain to adjust the length.