Hand painted Mandala mug, blue, green silver, purple.

MandaLove by Nelly

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This beautiful mug with five corresponding colours gives the feeling of calmness and tranquility. Green and blue are the colours of nature. Mixed with purple it soothes emotional stress in your life.

Each mug I paint is individual. I use lots of colours or just a handful of colours that match with each other. Each mug gives you a positive feeling. Look at the selection and think of each mug.  Does it make you happy? Ecstatic? Cheerful? Relaxing? Peaceful? Thrilled? Each person who looked at my mugs picked one up and said: 'That's it! These are exactly my colours!' And it made me sooo happy! (If you don't find your mug you must message me and with your help we'll design one you're happy with.)

These simple everyday objects are not only useful but they all represent a feeling. Give it to your husband or wife. Give it to your best friend. You can be sure that each time they will use it they will be thinking of you, the good times you had together and the good times yet to come.


Hand painted white coffee mug

Volume: 11oz

Material: Ceramic

Maintenance: As these mugs have been hand painted they are very delicate. If possible please hand wash them. Otherwise they can be put in the washing machine on the top rack.