27th April, Saturday, 2-5 pm: Mandala Canvas painting Cabbage Rose, Foxlowe, Leek

MandaLove by Nelly

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Mandala Canvas Painting Workshop- Cabbage Rose, The Foxlowe, Leek

27th April, Saturday

2-5 pm

At this creative workshop you'll have the chance to create your own bespoke and beautiful mandala. Using the colours you resonate with and special dotting tools you'll paint a mandala that is unique only to you. 

Mandalas have been used for centuries for meditation, help with focusing and relaxation. The positive qualities of mandala painting or drawing are well known. If you need some time away from your busy life this is the workshop for you! 

You'll be provided with an abundance of beautiful colours, dotting tools and a pre-painted canvas of your choice. I will take you through step by step of using the dotting tools and creating beautiful patterns. You'll go home with a mandala on a 20x20 cm canvas designed and painted by you! :) 

Tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits are provided as well :) 

Any questions just call or message Nelly on 07920775723