15th Feb., Thursday, 10-12: Scrapbook journaling for beginners

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CHILDREN'S WORKSHOP- Scrapbook Journaling for Beginners

Cabbage Rose Workshops, The Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek

15th February, Thursday, 10-12 noon.


Besides learning kids also need creativity. Their mind is going a hundred miles per hour. They want to go, create, discover, achieve. And they want to do it NOW! :) 

Introducing SCRAPBOOK JOURNALING will encourage them to slow down, reflect on the past and plan for the future. They will have the choice of using this journal to write past events, their problems in life, their dreams and ideas, or write about anything they choose to. They don't have to stick to one subject or area, they can even make up each page differently. They can make up a page about yesterday's outing, about their best friend or  about their favourite book. Or they can make a bucket list they'd like to do in the future. It's entirely up to them. But putting each thought into a category or a list they'll start organizing their thoughts and through this their life. 

And of course you always have to give rewards to children. Their reward is to decorate the page with whatever they like. I have a huge selection of craft papers, decorative papers, stamps, paper punches, decor scissors, stickers, glitters, wax melts for stamp making and many more crafty things! Oh and lots and lots of washi tape! :)))) I promise, they will not be disappointed! :) 

Throughout the workshop I'll teach them different methods they can use in their scrapbook journal for decoration. 

Please ask your child to bring a notebook of their choice they'd like to decorate. It could be any kind of notebook- new or old. They can practice on anything and if they like it and want to get serious about it they can start a new journal. If they'd like they could bring some photos to put in the scrapbook. (Family, best friends, animals, holidays, etc.) They may be cutting them up to fit frames and designs so don't bring precious pictures. 


All other materials will be provided. 


Light snacks ( a choice of fruit or biscuits) and juices or water will be offered to the children as well.

Please message or call Nelly if you'd like to have more information: 07920775723

I have 20 years of childcare experience and I'll be happy to answer all your questions :)